Day Two Of Blogging - Frankie and Daizey & Amazon

Day Two Of Blogging - Frankie and Daizey & Amazon

I began using TikTok in 2020 when we were all locked up due to COVID. My FYP was mainly dogs and animals doing funny things. I found myself cracking up constantly. It was amazing and much needed at such a dark time. As my TikTok viewing increased, I started to get inspired to create my own videos. I decided to center my content  around Frankie my golden retriever since he was just adorable and who wouldn't want to see a golden retriever doing funny things. I also wasn't to keen on being in front of the camera so why not just create an account for my furry friend. I did not expect to go "viral" so early in my TikTok journey but sure enough, I made a post about Frankie taking a nap in the kitchen and it took off. I had so many views so fast and so many people following me that I started to get nervous about all of these people seeing into our furry friends lives so I ended up changing my account to private and started deleting my content... Silly me.. Had I not done that, I may be a millionaire now like all the content creators out there getting paid.. Instead, I was very cautious about what I posted and who I let view my page. This went on like this for years..until this year actually.. I still enjoyed making videos, more as memories and moments in time of Frankie and I didn't really need or want anyone else to see them... I eventually created a second account where I highlighted my daughters softball plays. Again, more of a photo /video journal to keep moments in time saved somewhere... And then early 2024 something just clicked.. I like animals, I enjoy making content, I have fun designing products.. Why not explore how I can pair my passions and hobbies and monetize it somehow.. So after just a few searches about this topic, I began seeing FYP posts about POD businesses, Affiliate Marketing, Content Creation, Amazon Storefronts and Amazon Associates.. So I gave it a whirl... Probably too early because here I am, approved to be an affiliate and I have a store front, but haven't had the time to dedicate to do much with it other than increase my followers because I'm too busy with work, kids and life...I rarely have time to do any type of things I enjoy... So now I have 90 days to make it all work. I received an email today telling me to start selling or I will lose my pages...Maybe day two of blogging  will do the trick LOL.. Or maybe not.. I guess I'll spend my afternoon promoting my Storefront... I have emails to read on ways to increase traffic.. so getting ready to tackle that so I can take it off the to do list... In  the mean time... If you are Swiftie, I have a few Swiftie pages on my store front to check out 


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