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Reputation Puzzle (110, 252, 520, )

Reputation Puzzle (110, 252, 520, )

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Introducing the "Reputation" puzzle, a captivating blend of Taylor Swift's iconic album themes and challenging fun! This puzzle features a mesmerizing collage of snakes, symbolizing the album's powerful imagery, interwoven with New Year's Eve glasses to capture the essence of celebration and renewal. The puzzle also incorporates a stunning dress motif, reminiscent of Taylor's glamorous stage presence, and getaway car designs, reflecting the album's thrilling narratives of escape and excitement. As you piece together this puzzle, you'll be immersed in the world of "Reputation," where every fragment tells a story and every connection reveals a new chapter. Get ready to unravel the enigma of Taylor Swift's "Reputation" in a whole new way!Each puzzle comes in a glossy finish and is available in both vertical and horizontal orientations to best fit your photos and art. Your ideas are printed and laminated on sturdy chipboard backing while each pack includes a reference print to easily put the puzzle together.

.: Material: 100% chipboard
.: 110, 252, 520 or 1014 piece options
.: Available in vertical or horizontal orientation
.: Glossy laminated finish

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